1. Laboratory for Embedded Computing for Mobile Communications
    Primary focus of this Laboratory is a development of network protocols and networks for aerospace applications (SpaceWire, SpaceFibre, etc.) and complex systems for the design of on-board networks of space vehicle.
      • Protocol specifications development
      • Simulation of protocols (using SDL / SystemC)
  1. Laboratory for systems on a chip
    Primary focus of this Laboratory is IP-blocks design.
    • Development of complex digital functional blocks (using VHDL / Verilog and Cadence CAD)
    • Testing, verification and behavioral modeling (using System С)
    • Synthesis of functional blocks and estimation of their characteristics (power consumption, area, delay) using CAD Cadence
    • Writing and debugging drivers for boards with complex- functional blocks developed by the Laboratory
    • Packaging of the device
  1. Laboratory for software systems
    Primary focus of this Laboratory and developed product:

    • Embedded software development for heterogeneous many-core systems
    • Development of application software
    • CAD development for the design of on-board networks in terms of integrated modular avionics
    • Visual integrated development environment to design portable software for embedded many-core systems