Head of the laboratory
Elena Suvorova

The basic profile is the design of digital circuits for computing devices, super-large integrated circuits (VLSI, FPGA / ASIC), and data network elements by using CAD tools, including Cadance.

  • Development of complex digital function blocks (using VHDL / Verilog and Cadence CAD)

  • Testing, verification, and behavioral modeling (SystemC)
  • Synthesis of functional blocks and evaluation of their characteristics (power consumption, area, delays) using Cadence CAD

  • Development of system software and drivers on the embedded Linux / embedded OS eidOS for VLSIs and boards based on them, supporting the SpaceWire interface
  • Final assembly of the device in the case

Examples of products

Development board MC-24EM SpaceWire Virtex5.
Onboard 16-channel switch of high-speed networks SpaceWire.