Master students from an international group defended R&D projects

An open defense of research projects jointly implemented by students from France and Russia took place in SUAI “Leonardo da Vinci” Scientific and Exhibition Hall. The defense was attended by students of the 1943M group studying under the international master’s program “Embedded systems (in English)”, implemented at the Department of Aerospace Computer and Software Systems. The program is implemented jointly with foreign partner universities. This year, students from the universities of IPSA (Paris, Toulouse – France) and ISEP (Paris) came to the fall semester of training.

Throughout the fall semester, in parallel with the main subjects, students carried out research projects in international project teams, 4 students in each one. These are project topics:

1. Implementation of modern protocols using FPGA board,

2. Simulation of ExoMars 2020 Rover onboard traffic,

3. Autonomous quadrocopter.

The projects were successfully finished, a detailed presentation was made for each project, reports were held in English. After the report, students answered questions and heard opinions from scientific supervisors on each of the projects.

The experience of training under such a program allows students to gain competencies related to the implementation of complex interdisciplinary projects, teamwork and management, communication in a foreign language. In the future, this will help students to easily adapt to modern working conditions at their workplaces after graduating from SUAI.

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