From a smart home to a Mars rover

On November 4, 2017, the staff of the Department of Aerospace Computer and Software Systems and the Institute of High-Performance Computer and Network Technologies (IHPCNT) gived a lecture to future university entrants about the current situation in the aerospace industry and give advices about studying in the university: how to creating projects, participating and winning international competitions.

At the lecture “From a smart home to a Mars rover”, researcher Boris Sedov talked about aerospace state of art and joint projects of the IHPCNT with leading Russian and international companies in the industry.

Engineers Sergei Pakharev and Viktor Volkov demonstrated projects that were created at the department. IHPCNT team participated with these projects in international competitions and won prizes:

  1. Robot-car with the possibility of autonomous driving and indoor location identification (“LiveHard, ShipHard!”) – 1st place in international competition “World’s Largest Arduino Maker Challenge”
  2. Face identification and tracing system (the project participated in the international competition “Terminate the competition with Creator Ci 20!”)
  3. A mobile application for indoor navigation with automatic location of a user (“Harry Potter and the Infineon’s Hallows”) – 1st place in international competition “Sensing a Smarter, Saferand Greener Life”

and other projects.

At the end of the lecture and demonstration of projects, future university entrants asked many different questions about learning in the SUAI and in the Department of Aerospace Computer and Software Systems. It is possible that some of the university entrants in the future will also demonstrate their projects in the SUAI.

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