Introductory internship for Finnish students

During the third week of May 2019 (13.05.2019-17.05.2019) Department of Aerospace computer and software systems hosted the internship of 8 students from Tampere University. That internship was organized in terms of FIRST+ program.  

During the internship, Finnish students learned short courses on «Parallel programming», “Systems modelling” and «Specification languages», also several interesting SUAI students’ projects were presented.

Lectures from Department of Aerospace computer and software systems were given by:

  1. Ass.professor , Ph.d Valentin Olenev
  2. Senior Lecturer Alexey Syschikov
  3. Assistant Vladimir Stepanov
  4. Assistant Sergey Pakharev
  5. Engineer of РЗСТЕ Institute Nikolay Sinyov

Finnish students also made a presentation about Tampere University and their life and education process.

The following student projects were presented:

  1. Network simulation of the Rover ExoMars2020 using SystemC
  2. Autonomous robot with the ability to avoid obstacles
  3. Live Hard, Ship Hard! (autonomous robot courier with manual control mode and determine the location inside the building)
  4. Salutis project (integrated highly reliable response system in case of fire for objects of mass events )

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